The Natives Football Club is a former club in the South Australian Football Association (S.A.F.A). When inducted into the SAFA, the club played in two seasons.

Induction into the SAFAEdit

On 8 April 1895, a meeting was held at the Exchange Hotel to discus the possibility of adding another club to the SAFA. S.W Smith (secretary of the Natives) applied for the admission to the association and a list of 50 players. He gave an assurance that the club was free of debt. A ballot was taken and 18 were in favor and 5 against. Messrs, Ward and Smith were chosen as delegates and welcomed by the Chairman. 13 umpires applied to be the Natives field umpire for the season went to Victorian F. Coffee. Messrs, G.F Donnithorne, A. McIntyre, P. Blackman

J.H Sinclair and F.A WardEdit

On 16 April 1895, the usual monthly meeting on the South Australian Football Association (SAFA) was held at the Prince Alfred Hotel to discuss the Natives situation and the seasons fixtures. The Natives Club wanted it known that J.H Sinclair had been appointed delegate to the association with F.A Ward. However, the SAFA rejected the nomination and J.H Sinclair begun and action in the Supreme Court against the association after F.A Ward had told him about the decision. E. McInnes was chosen as proxy delegate.


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