Port Adelaide would host West Adelaide to win by 58 points.


West AdelaideEdit

The Magpies would be a big opponent against the struggling Bloods but some senior players would return in the side. Mark Mickan said "it was good to have some experienced, high quality players back into our team". [1] Andrew Marks (West Football Services Manager) said "It’s nice to get some senior guys back into the team".[2]. Travis Tuck, Scott Bricknell, Shannon Green and Michael Still were included after overcoming their injuries and Adam Hartlett was included after his suspension was complete.[3]

Port AdelaideEdit

Zac Hawkins would make his debut and Ben Sawford was named on the interchange bench but didn't play. Brent Renouf came back into the side as well as Aseri Raikiwasa. Henry Slattery and Brendon Ah Chee had been ruled out due to injury.[4]

Line UpEdit

Port AdelaideEdit

F: Colquhoun, Harvey, Hitchcock
HF: Mitchell, J. Butcher, Moore
C: Stewart, Summerton, Raikiwasa
HB: Biemans, Bruggemann, Heath
B: Haren, Clurey, Logan

R: Renouf, Neade, Newton
INT: Amon, Byrne-Jones, Young, Hawkins, Sawford
IN: Renouf, Raikiwasa, Hawkins, Sawford
OUT: Slattery (hip), AhChee (ankle)

West AdelaideEdit

F: Dijksman, Still, Macreadie
HF: Schiller, Webb, Fisher
C: Beech, Stevens, Fielke
HB: Bricknell, Hartlett, Ezard
B: Newell, Keough, Milne

R: P. Nelson, Schmidt, Tuck
INT: Middleton, Wong, Silverlock, Hayes, Green
IN: Green, Hartlett, Bricknell, Still, Tuck
OUT: R. Anderson (wrist), Gallard, Hopton

Match ReportEdit


Port Adelaide 6.1 8.3 15.4 21.8 (134)
West Adelaide 2.4 6.6 6.9 11.10 (76)

Goal ScorersEdit

Port Adelaide: Butcher 5, Newton 3, Hitchcock, Moore, Harvey, Mitchell 2, Haren, Bruggemann, Heath, Renouf, Young
West Adelaide: M. Still (4), K. Stevens (2), P. Nelson (2), T. Silverlock , B. Fisher , J. Beech

Best on GroundEdit

Port: Summerton, Logan, Hawkins, Colquhoun, Newton
West: M. Still, A. Fielke, K. Stevens


Sam Colquhoun (Port) damaged ACL


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