2013 AFL Finals Second Preliminary Final: Fremantle v Sydney
Freo v Sydney
Date and Held
Saturday, 21 September (5:45 pm)
Field Umpires
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14.15 (99) Fremantle, 11.8 (74) Sydney
Television broadcast
Seven Network, Fox Footy (Simulcast)
Most Goals
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Best on Ground
Mundy, Fyfe, Crowley, Walters, Duffield, Mzungu (Fremantle) McVeigh, Kennedy, Parker, Malceski, McGlynn, Mumford (Sydney)
Fremantle to play in 2013 AFL Grand Final. Jude Bolton to play his last game.


The Fremantle Dockers would play in their first home Preliminary final in hope to beat Sydney to get a chance in the 2013 AFL Grand Final. Sydney looking for another Grand Final after their previous success against Hawthorn in the 2012 AFL Grand Final. The suburb of Fremantle was literally painted green, coffees that were sold had a anchor made out of broth on top, and a delicatessen was selling 'Fremantle Dockers Sausages' which were sausages painted green.

Line UpEdit


  • B: L Spurr, Z Dawson, P Duffield
  • HB: M Johnson, L McPharlin, T Mzungu
  • C: D Mundy, M Barlow, S Hill
  • HF: M de Boer, C Mayne, D Pearce
  • F: H Ballantyne, M Pavlich, M Walters
  • FOLL: A Sandilands, N Fyfe, R Crowley
  • I/C: C Sutcliffe, Z Clarke, N Suban, L Neale
  • EMG: A Silvagni, J Hannath, T Sheridan
  • IN: M Johnson
  • OUT: T Sheridan (omitted)


  • B: D Rampe T Richards S Biggs
  • HB: J McVeigh H Grundy N Smith
  • C: A Everitt K Jack N Malceski
  • HF: D Hannebery J Bolton C Bird
  • F: L Parker M Pyke J White
  • FOLL: S Mumford J Kennedy R O’Keefe
  • I/C: H Cunningham L Jetta B McGlynn G Rohan
  • EMG: B Jack J Lamb L Roberts-Thomson
  • IN: B McGlynn G Rohan
  • OUT: K Tippett (knee) B Mitchell (ankle)


The match was played on Saturday, September 21 2013. Mixed predictions on who was going to win.

First QuarterEdit

The Dockers came to a flying start as the Dockers played an outstanding game, Pavlich kicked two early goals and the centres were keeping the ball inside their 50. Sydney kept quiet trying to respond to the Dockers quick succession. At quarter time the Dockers led by 8 points.

Second QuarterEdit

By the second quarter the Dockers were unstoppable, great ruck work by Sandilands and Clarke to the centres and Mundy on 29 possessions and Fyfe on 27 possessions and a goal. Sydney midfielder Kieren Jack was tagged by Ryan Crowley limiting him to 11 disposals but Crowley with his own drive with 22 possessions and a goal. The Swans were completely shut down by the Dockers and only scoring 1 point in the Second quarter. The Dockers were up by 39 points by Half-time.

Third QuarterEdit

The Dockers kept disciplined in the break but when the siren sounded they were looking for a great win. The Swans lifted around the ball in the third term and gave hints of a revival, with Luke Parker getting their first goal since the opening quarter and veteran Jude Bolton kicking truly with his first kick for the game. Sydney every point and goal were answered by the Dockers proving too strong and at the last quarter the led by 39 points.

Fourth QuarterEdit

The Swans now scoring and catching up but it was too late as the Dockers ran out the clock. A snap by Hayden Ballantyne after review was a goal which made the crowd erupt. In the last minutes of the match, Dockers supporters performed a Mexican Wave which was a realisation that the Dockers would play in their first grand final.


Many Dockers supporters were booking grand final tickets that the commentators of the game announced that not enough planes could fly all the supporters to Melbourne, and many would travel by bus to get there. Jude Bolton was carried out onto the field and Dockers supports in a sign of sportsmanship applauded him as he walked off the field.


Fremantle: L McPharlin (adductor), L Spurr (head).

Sydney: Nil.

Best on GroundEdit

Fremantle: Mundy, Fyfe, Crowley, Walters, Duffield, Mzungu

Sydney: McVeigh, Kennedy, Parker, Malceski, McGlynn, Mumford


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Fremantle Sydney
2.9 (21) Q1 2.1 (13)
7.11 (53) Q2 2.2 (14)
11.12 (78) Q3 5.5 (35)
14.15 (99) Final 11.8 (74)

Goal ScoreresEdit


3: Walters

2: Pavlich, Fyfe, Suban

1:Crowley, Duffield, Neale, Barlow, Ballantyne


2: Rohan

1:Jetta, Cunningham, Parker, Bolton, McGlynn, Pyke, McVeigh, Hannebery