The 1895 SAFA season would see South Adelaide premiers and the introduction of the Natives Football Club. Anthony Daly would be the leading goal kicker with 46 goals.

Season SummaryEdit

April 8 MeetingEdit

On April 8, a meeting was held at the Exchange Hotel to discus the possibility of adding another club to the SAFA. S.W Smith (secretary of the Natives) applied for the admission to the association and a list of 50 players. A ballot was taken and the majority were in favor. Messrs, F.A Ward and S.W Smith were chosen as the final delegates of the club. The chosen umpire for the season was F. Coffee. The other field umpires were Messrs, G.F Donnithorne, A. McIntyre, P. Blackman and F. Ford. The goal umpires were Messrs, G. Watson, J.V Rundle, G. Hall, G.C Downs, S. Mole and J. Williams. Messrs, Sweeney, Marlow, Searcy, Smith and Nitschke were chosen as the programme committee.[1]

Permits were granted to:

Player New Club Old Club
P. McGrath North Adelaide
T. Cooke Gawler
F. May South Adelaide Gawler
A. Arthurs South Adelaide Gawler

The association also granted the request of Port Adelaide traveling to Broken Hill and Norwood to Melbourne. G. Searcy moved "that the old arrangement of scoring be reverted to". F.A Ward said "That the 1894 system be continued". The motion was carried.[1]

April SAFA MeetingEdit

On 16 April, after complications of who delegated the Natives, J.H Sinclair begun a action to the Supreme Court against the Association after he was told by the sub-committee that he would not delegate the newly formed club. In the meeting, the sub committee summited their report for the seasons matches. The season would open up on May 4 with Norwood hosting the Natives at Adelaide Oval and Port Adelaide would contest North Adelaide at Alberton. The number of matches played with be at:
Adelaide Oval: 24
Kensington Oval: 10
Alberton Oval: 6

Each club would play 16 matches and a team from Yorke Peninsula will appear on the City Oval on August 31.[2] On 23 April, the Burnside District Council agreed to the seasons programme provided they were not expected to bear any loss. [3]

23 of AprilEdit

J.H Sinclair's ApprovalEdit

On 23 of April, a meeting was held at the Prince Alfred Hotel with R. Cruickshank presiding. J.H Sinclair's rejection was discussed and the Chairman said "the committee had the right to accept or reject a delegate" in response to a question. Smith (Natives delegate) had told the SAFA that Sinclair had already been accepted as a Natives delegate. Coombs moved "That the nomination of Mr. Sinclair as delegate of the Natives' Club be accepted". Ward seconded, and the motion was carried. [4]

Yorke Peninsula TermsEdit

The Yorke Peninsula Association asked what terms would be granted in their match on Adelaide Oval. It was resolved to give them the whole of the associations share of Saturdays gate. [5]

1895 PermitsEdit

Granted Permits


New Club

Old Club
W. Foote North Adelaide
P. Nolan South Adelaide Port Adelaide

Deferred Permits until May 3

Player Club
B. Maegraith North Adelaide
W. Murray Port Adelaide
Archibald Hosie Port Adelaide

Season FixtureEdit

Practice MatchesEdit

On 27 April, two scratch matches were played at Adelaide Oval and Alberton Oval. South Adelaide would play Norwood Alberts at Adelaide Oval. South would win 11.11 to Norwoods 2.4. Port Adelaide would play the Port Natives at Alberton and Port Adelaide would win 5.7 to 0.2. Some confusion arose when the Port Natives were thought to have been the newly founded club the Natives. This prompted F. Ward of the Natives Football Club to write to the South Australian Chronicle on the matter. He said:

"We would be glad if you would kindly mention in your report of the football match between the Ports and Port Natives, on the Alberton Oval this (Saturday) afternoon, that the Port Natives are not to be confounded with the Natives — the new senior club. The Port Natives are simply the Albertons of last year. Not a single one of their men belonged to the Port Natives of last year. We would be greatly obliged if you would correct the impression that it was the new senior club. A good number of our supporters attended the Alberton Oval through mistaking the name, and one or two of our players from Adelaide actually bought tickets to Alberton. We played the Hind marsh on their ground on Saturday, but only for two quarters, and although we only played 19 against 30 men we scored two goals to one after an exceedingly rough game on the part of the Hindmarsh. You might state that to avoid much confusion the Port Natives should revert to their proper title — the Albertons.[6]


Granted Permits

Player New Club Old Club
G. Wills South Adelaide Port Melbourne
Alf Bushby Natives South Adelaide
J. McKenzie Willaston
H. Rappiport South Adelaide
O'Brian Natives Norwood
Bennett North Adelaide Norwood
Quin North Adelaide Port Adelaide
Conroy Natives Port Adelaide
F. Ray Natives Port Adelaide
Adams Natives Port Adelaide
Carroll Norwood North Adelaide
A.E Tomlin South Adelaide Port Adelaide
A.G Douglas Natives South Melbourne
Archibald Hosie Natives Port Adelaide

Refused Permits

Player Club
Moreton Port Adelaide
W. Murray Port Adelaide
B. Maegraith North Adelaide
E. Hamilton Victoria

Round 1Edit

Match result
Quarter time Half time Three quarter time Full-time Margin
Adelaide Oval Norwood 1.4 (10) 3.5 (23) 5.5 (35) 7.8 (50) 41
Natives 1.0 (6) 1.1 (7) 1.3 (9) 1.3 (9)
Alberton Oval Port Adelaide 2.1 (13) 7.4 (46) 10.7 (67) 13.11 (89) 73
North Adelaide 1.2 (8) 2.2 (14) 2.4 (16) 2.4 (16)
South Adelaide Bye

The first game of the season was between Norwood and the Natives. This would be the first match played by the Natives and would lose by 41 points. The Natives colours would be black and yellow and Adams scored the first goal for them. Port Adelaide would dominate North at Alberton and Alec McKenzie for the Ports scored 9.3.[7]

Goal TallyEdit

Player Club Tally
Alec McKenzie Port Adelaide 9
Percy Stuart Norwood 3
Anthony Daly Norwood 3
Green Norwood 3
Stark Port Adelaide 2

Round 2Edit

Match result
Quarter time Half time Three quarter time Full-time Margin
Kensington Oval Norwood 3.1 (19) 5.5 (35) 7.7 (49) 9.9 (63) 31
Port Adelaide 1.1 (7) 2.2 (14) 3.4 (22) 4.8 (32)
Adelaide Oval South Adelaide 3.3 (21) 8.5 (53) 10.6 (66) 13.12 (90) 77
North Adelaide 0.0 (0) 0.0 (0) 1.1 (7) 2.1 (13)
Natives Bye

Norwood would host Port Adelaide when they secured their second win of the season. Anthony Daly kicked 7 goals against an inaccurate Port Adelaide. South would dominate the Northerners even leaving them scoreless at half time. Jones kicked 6 goals.

Goal TallyEdit

Player Club Tally
Alec McKenzie Port Adelaide 10
Anthony Daly Norwood 10
E. Jones South Adelaide 6
Percy Stuart Norwood 5
F.May South Adelaide 4

Granted Permits

Player New Club Old Club
A. Hosie Natives Port Adelaide
E. McClumphs South Adelaide
A.G Douglas Natives Victoria

On Friday 17 May, a SAFA meeting occurred in the Price Alfred Hotel with R. Cruickshank preciding.

The umpire in the round one match of Norwood v Natives reported A.G Douglas for playing without a permit from the Association. The Norwood president also reported this incident and the SAFA Committee said that the Natives were dishonorable for allowing them to play Douglas in their side. It was also mentioned that the committee would only allow Douglas to play if he had permission from Melbourne to play but a telegram never came. The committee hoped that the Natives were to follow the rules in the future. McInnes defended the newly formed club saying that the Natives were not responsible and Douglas would not have played if the supporters were not edging him on. This was quickly undermined by the chairman who pointed out that the Natives committee should be running the club and not the supporters. It was decided that Douglas were to explain his actions to the SAFA committee. The committee also agreed on sending a letter to the family of the late H.A Plunkett who captained the Redlegs and was once an umpire. A.E Hamilton applied to play for SAFA football but he was disqualified for life three years ago. W.G Coombs moved that the disqualification be removed and this was seconded by Nitschke, however H.M Adams moved that the subject be discussed next week and his motion was carried[8].

Round 3Edit

Match result
Quarter time Half time Three quarter time Full-time Margin
Adelaide Oval Norwood 0.1 (1) 1.1 (7) 1.4 (10) 1.4 (10) 28
South Adelaide 2.2 (14) 4.6 (30) 5.8 (38) 5.8 (38)
Alberton Oval Port Adelaide 4.3 (27) 7.4 (46) 8.6 (54) 9.7 (61) 44
Natives 0.1 (1) 0.4 (4) 1.4 (10) 2.5 (17)
North Adelaide Bye

Norwood received their first loss of the season to the hands of South Adelaide who at half-time played defensively[9]. No team scored in the final quarter. The next match would be at Alberton Oval where the powerful Port would play newly formed club the Natives. The match would receive a large attendance after much controversy between the Natives committee and the SAFA committee. Port Adelaide's Alec McKenzie score five goals in the first half but didn't score any majors in the second half.
At the end of round three, South Adelaide met at Adelaide Oval to discuss their leadership. It was decided that John Reedman would be captain, McGaffin would be Vice-Captain, and Sid Reedman would represent the players on the match committee[10].

Goal TallyEdit

Player Club Tally
Alec McKenzie Port Adelaide 15
Anthony Daly Norwood by 11
E. Jones South Adelaide 8
Percy Stuart Norwood 5
F.May South Adelaide 5

Round 4 Edit

The fourth round of the season would see Norwood travel down to Melbourne to play various Victorian clubs including Essendon, Collingwood, South Melbourne, Melbourne and a combined Ballarat Football League team. Norwood played Essendon on May 24 and won by two goals. Norwood's next interstate match would be against Collingwood on May 28 drawing 3.2 to 3.6[nb 1]


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